Collaborate with another writer or group of writers to create new work.

Write Together connects writers in pairs or larger groups to collaborate on creative work over a two-month period.

Groupings can write a piece together, write pieces in response to one another, complete the same exercise or creative processes together, collectively write about the experience of the collaboration or explore other collaborative creative writing processes you come up with together.

At the end of the two-month period we will publish the creative work in our online journal.

Find out about how it works and sign up using the form below. Registrations for the next intake close on February 28, 2022 and we will pair writers together in mid May 2022 for the second two-month cycle.

We are requesting a $20 contribution to cover administration costs. This is optional and will be invoiced when we confirm your place in the programme.

For more information please email us

How it works

  • You complete the form below letting us know a little bit about you and what you want to get out of the process.
  • We pair writers randomly unless a specific request is made in the form.
  • We put you in touch with your collaborators and discuss any questions about the process with each pair/group. You will also receive some resources to help you with getting started.
  • You and your collaborators work in a way that suits you best over two months.
  • You submit your work following our Guidelines (these will be provided to participants once the collaboration is underway).
  • Our editors will talk with you to get the work ready for publication. We only do light edits because we want the work to reflect your collaboration as much as possible.
  • The work will be published online.
  • Participants may like to write a reflection in addition to the collaborative process which can also be published on the site.
  • We ask everyone to complete an anonymous feedback form so we can improve the process for future participants.