Susan Elliot


Susan has been a computer nerd, a teacher, a human rights and union advocate, thesis editor, and a keen volunteer for a range of social justice organisations.  Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, she ran her own hammock business in the depths of Alphabet City and briefly typed toe tags in a police morgue before fulfilling a dream she’d held since she was seven7 and moving to New Zealand.

Susan is drawn to writing about characters and stories where the simplicity of their lives hides an irony, and the story emerges from a relentless paring down of unimportant, arguable details to a seemingly simple and yet intricate retelling of a moment;  including a glimpse into the complex lives of passersby that may or may not have have importance to their own.

She is currently working on a collection of braided short stories exploring the lives of a group of friends and strangers against the backdrop of excerpts from fictional diaries of people who are drawn to Elon Musk’s strange obsession with colonising a planet even more inhospitable than our own.

When she is not writing, or editing, she can be found walking the hills around Wellington’s wild south coast with an assortment of well-loved dogs and a camera or two, quilting, or procrastinating about the never-ending weeding needed in her too-big garden.

The opportunity to write collaboratively appealed especially after Rachel shared some of her beautifully descriptive writing.  Our project looks at moments of intersections that can be measured in heartbeats.