Kāpiti Writers’ Retreat Scholarships & Volunteering

We’re aware that cost may be a barrier for some people and offer limited discounted and free places for writers who would like to attend but for whatever reason are unable to afford the full fee.

If you would like to assist in running the event we are also looking for several volunteers. We can offer a free place to participants in return for your help over the weekend. The place includes participation in one of the morning workshops.

Tasks include packing in/out, food preparation, setting up workshops or discussion spaces, managing the registration desk/book store, cleaning, and driving (only if you have a full license and are over 25). There is a reasonable amount of physical work involved but we can find alternative jobs if you are unable to complete some tasks. Volunteering shifts are usually held between 2 pm on the first day of the Retreat until 4pm on Sunday (24-26 February 2023). Feel free to email if you have other questions before signing up.

Please note applications close on 15 January 2023.

Please complete the form below to register your interest in a scholarship or volunteer opportunity.

Kāpiti Writers Retreat Scholarship/Volunteering Form

  • Please tell us your first two preferences. The workshops are: Less is More with Catherine Chidgey, Ekphrastic Conversations with Sinead Overbye, Personalising the Personal Essay with Gem Wilder, Writing about nature while the world is burning with Rebecca Priestley, They sound like people I know with Coco Solid and Turning the personal into (good) poetry with Therese Lloyd
  • We provide full and partial scholarships. Please let us know what is realistic for you (if anything). We understand that there are additional costs involved such as travel). We are also open to exchanges of time, resources or other ideas.